Our aim is to deliver the best tools to content creators. We've spent a lot of effort conceptualising, building and demonstrating what is possible with Paragraphs in Drupal. We want to spread the word and help others build better websites.

We are looking to work with anyone who is requiring some consulting or development to implement a system similar to what you see here on this site. You should start by downloading and installing the various contrib modules. If you need some further help, you should get in touch.

Run campaigns

If you are an agency you may have a number of clients wanting the flexibility of Drupal but the ease of Wordpress. We can help you build sites with both.

Single page websites

Looking for a simple way to build out single pages websites? Paragraphs is the way to go. We can help you build the custom bundles you require.

Integration into Distros

Distros are comprised of Features which are very brittle. It is very difficult to design Content Type Features which will not be overridden. Your best bet is to make them as small as possible, including only Fields and perhaps a few other things. Layouts can be captured elsewhere. This strategy works well with Paragraphs as all we need is a single field to inject their magic. They therefore offer a way around the restrictions of features, We can help you out if you are grappling with these things.

Your own site...

And of course, if you are looking for a site with a bit of pizzazz - we can deliver that easily.


Sprinkle some magic

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