Sugar for caramel 200 g
Vanilla sugar 60g
Watter 100 ml
Milk or cream 500 ml
Egg yolks 8 pcs
Crème caramel ingredients

Preparing caramel



Put sugar in sauce pan.



Add watter.



Heat until all sugar dissolve.



Heat further until light braun color.

Caramel may be a tricky beast

Its do nothing for a long time and then it is just on eye blick before it cames to dark and burn.

There is no need for stiring at the begining, but when all the sugar dissolves you can stir occasionally.

You have to be patient but aware to take it out of heat at the right time.

Be careful because caramel can be really hot for a long time.

Pour hot caramel into rameskins in even layer on bottom.

Its a good practice to have the rameskins preheated, otherwise the caramel will chill instantly and you will not be able to make nice even layer.

You can use butter for sides of rameskins after the caramel is hard. the final stage will be much easier. 

Crème preparation

Whisk vanilla sugar together with egg yolks until smooth.


Heat the milk or cream to the stage you still can put a finger inside just for a while.


Pour the heated milk into suggar eggs and whisk slowly for a while. Try not to make much foam.


Pour the final mixture on the hard caramel in rameskins.





















Final stage

Put all rameskins or other suitable bowls in the baking tray and will it with boling water to half the height of rameskins.

Bake in preheated oven for 15–20 minutes at 180 °C. If you see that the content of rameskins start to boil, lower the heat. Otherwise you will have small bubbles in creame.



Before serving

When it is done, leave it to cold slowly, then put into fridge for at least 12 hours.

The caramel will disolve in that time and make a nice golden sauce. 

Be careful when taking the creame out of the rameskin – its realy soft and can be easily damaged.

If you have some caramel left you can, when it is still hot, create some decorations. Just pour it with litle spoon on baking paper and leave it there to harden.