It's possible to put together a good looking site with the Paragraphs toolkit using a number of contrib modules provided by Morpht.

Paragraphs Pack contains a number of Paragraph bundles to help you get up and running very quickly.

Classy Paragraphs is a Drupal module which gives your Paragraphs a little class. Content creators can easily assign a class to a paragraph to style it according to a controlled list which was defined by the site builder.

Edgy is a Drupal module which provides a couple of templates for Panels and Display Suite to give your designs that edgy look.

Views Filter Object is a Drupal module which allows content creators to configure a view via the standard editing interface for any entity. It works particularly well with Paragraphs.

Entity Background is a Drupal module which provides a plugable background solution for adding backgrounds to other objects such as Paragraph Items.

The Entity Behaviors Drupal modules allows designs to attach behaviors to the HTML representing an Entity.