Edgy is a Drupal module which provides a couple of templates for Panels and Display Suite to give your designs that edgy look.

A lot of the magic of these great designs is working out how to get them to work in full width (edgy) capacity, as well as for normal pages as well where the $content variable is already wrapped in a container. The Edgy modules provides a couple of templates to help you out. Be sure to read the module page to find out more.

Edgy Module

Edge to edge designs

With Edgy enabled you can make your paragraphs go edge to edge, if the template you are using is edgy. Want to know the cool bit? If the layout is not edgy, your Paragraphs will be well behaved and only take up the space they should.

This paragraph has a "Gray lighter" class applied to it so that we can see its edginess.