Entity Background is a Drupal module which provides a plugable background solution for adding backgrounds to other entity objects such as Paragraph Items.

What was the initial use case for the Entity Background module? We wanted to give content creators the ability to alter the background image for a Paragraph. This initial idea quickly gave rise to others including parallax scrolling and colour transitions based on scroll position. 

We soon realised that these features should be factored out so that they could be applied to any Paragraph. So instead of inventing a Parallax Paragraph, we just needed to implement Parallax Entity Background. That way we could turn any Paragraph Item into Parallax. The Entity Background module was born. We now had a pluggable solution to adding backgrounds to entities.

Once we have the ideas of a pluggable system from defining and implementing backgrounds, the sky is the limit. Our initial implementations include:

  • background image,
  • background parallax,
  • background color.

Entity Background Module

Entity Background Parallax


Creating a parallax effect in Drupal is now very easy. Once the Entity Background Parallax module has been enabled and configured, all the content creator has to do is:

  1. Upload an  image
  2. Set a speed for the animation

Image by Freepik




Entity Background Color

The Entity Background Color module is very simple and allows for the setting of a colour.

With Entity Background Color, the possibilities are infinite.

Entity Background Image

The Entity Background Image module allows content creators to add background images to any Paragraph.

Just upload an image and it will be stretched (in proportion) to provide a background for the Paragraph.

Background Image by Freepik