Views Filter Object is a Drupal module which allows content creators to configure a view via the standard editing interface for any entity. It works particularly well with Paragraphs.

How many times, as a site-builder, have you wanted to hand over some Views goodness to your content creators, yet were afraid that they would not be able to grok the complexity of views. The fallback position you are left with is exposing a pane argment to the view and placing the view with Panelizer. This works well as it allows the passing or arguments, however, the UI exposed to the user is still quite complex because the Panels interface must be navigated by the content creator. The interface necessitate knowledge of entity IDs - something which your average content creator is not going to be on top of.

Views Filter Object module provides a bridge between a Paragraph bundle (defined by the site builder) and a View (defined by the site builder). The basic idea is that field on the Paragraph Item act as filters (arguments) and settings for the view. This gives the content creator the ability to effectively customise a view by making a few selections. The content creator only has to concentrate on the important things (terms, nodes, view modes, counts, etc) rather than the rest of the plumbing required for a view. The site builder does the hard work and the content creator enjoys the benefits.

Views Filter Object Sandbox

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